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Value Proposition - Bottom-line

Our value proposition focuses on "change-affected" organizations, including start-ups and small businesses, and others requiring a low-risk, performance-driven approach to solve critical business issues. 

Our services and solutions described on this website are based on accountable, hands-on, senior-level experience.  These qualifications will better enable an accelerated achievement of your organizational objectives.  That is our value proposition to you.

Unlike the "30,000 foot", strategic-approach and single-minded focus on their billable hours of typical consulting firms, this website content focuses on the delivery of measurable VALUE. 

The value proposition provided on this website emphasizes hands-on EXECUTION of programs and plans designed to achieve your objectives.  


Our Value Proposition, and emphasis on delivery of VALUE, is based on 25+ years of international, operations turnaround, M&A, and C-level experience.

Value Proposition – Our Foundations

Our website "tag line" simply states "Value through Execution."

30+ years of experience form the basis of the content and recommendations provided on this website.  This experience includes years of senior-level operations and executive leadership experience, from large-scale program and project management to Executive Interim Manager engagements.

The content of this website and recommendations take advantage of my in-depth experience as a "doer", "implementer" and "leader".  

My experience encompasses diverse industry sectors, including:

  • telecommunications,
  • software/high-tech,
  • oil and gas/energy,
  • professional services,
  • recruitment,
  • healthcare,
  • hospitality, and
  • consulting to a systems supplier to the Federal government.


If you are a small business or a start-up, my years of experience includes involvement with four (4) start-ups.  This gives me an in-depth understanding of the unique issues facing small businesses and start-ups, some specific to your industry, some simply because you are a small business, an entrepreneur.

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