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Freelance Professional Services – Just How Will They Help My Business?

Freelance professional services are not a solution for all organizations.  So, begin by asking yourself a few questions…

  • Do I find that I am lacking experienced people for specific activities, from time-to-time?
  • Do I need experienced people to define and manage certain processes?
  • Do I "feel" from time-to-time that I might be leaving money on the table after delivering my products and/or services?
  • If a customer views my website, will they receive a message that is consistent with my current sales letters and brochures?
  • Is the online content, for which I paid a good amount of money, written for my targeted customers or is it written for my marketing team and company managers?
  • Are the messages communicated in my social media content, again, which cost a lot of money, consistent with my website?

Although these questions are relatively general, your questions should be specific to particular organizational issues, current projects, current sales approaches, your current hiring practices, and other specific "points of pain" in your business.


Freelance professional services are your advantage for increasing leads, improving sales success rates, and multiplying revenues….

Your Best Use of Freelance Professional Services

In other words, "Where can you expect maximum value by using freelance services?"

As suggested above, determine your "points of pain" in your business… What, regarding your organization, keeps you up at night?

Perhaps you have concerns about your sales – number of pending sales, number of contracts being negotiated, your sales funnel of prospects, etc.  On the other hand, you may feel that issues lie with your marketing and generating the sales leads for your team; in other words not enough exposure or "not enough people coming through the doors."  Maybe sales and marketing are working as planned and you are more concerned with issues, such as:

  • Staff competencies in the delivery of your products/services
  • New product development approach and progress
  • Managing projects to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Administrative team needs
  • Addressing current and new state/local government regulations
  • Hiring the "right" people that can take your company into the future
  • Responding to customer issues
  • Overall approach to customer support and customer satisfaction.

 All of these are or can be potential issues having one or more effects on your organization.  Your initial use of Freelance Professional Services might be a brief (2-3 days) review of your organization, similar to preventative medicine.  Have an experienced professional, one familiar with your industry, do a high-level review of your organization.  Their knowledge of your organization, your competition, and your industry will give you a good idea of where you stand.  Are your concerns real or unsupported?


You can realize measurable value using short-term freelance professional services.


Specific areas of short term freelance professional services are described below….

Specific Freelance Professional Services Value

In addition to the value to you and your organization would realize from an initial "Organizational Performance Review", there are several other immediate value areas for you to consider freelance services.  Most of these value services can be found on websites, such as:

Consider the value of the following freelance professional services to your organization:

  • Sales & Marketing Content Services:  Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Messages (on-line with off-line)
  • Internet Marketing Solutions:  Ensuring Your Online Content Delivers a Message That Facilitates Sales (website, profiles, authored articles, press releases)
  • Business Research:  Eliminating Time-Consuming Research Activities (required for competitive sales and marketing information; to best position your products; and even for gather information leading to a financial/equity event)
  • Project Management Discipline:  Ensuring Project Success and Profitability (the introduction of structure customized to the needs of your organization)
  • B2B Marketing Content Services:  Highly Focused Content Writing to Ensure Winning Proposals and RFP/RFI Responses (effective, winning RFP/RFI/RFQ responses, as well as sales proposals that directly address your prospect's needs)


All of these services can supplement the activities of your current team, while providing your team with exposure to seasoned experience.  The relatively brief use of freelance services can have a broader, long-term influence on the continued success of your team.

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